Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Crozzroads of Courage

Courage, boldness, guts, renewed vigour... these are themes that keep playing repeatedly in my day to day activities this last couple of months. The funny thing is that as it plays in my mind it sets of a subconcious filter or 'radar' perhaps that just drifts towards elements of courage, boldness etc..

I'm trying to put in some zest back into this unit that I'm heading. We do e-business activities for an oil & gas company but not to my satisfaction yet. The culture is not there yet... there's a bit of a drag in getting things to move (perhaps my fault but perhaps not)... No "magic potion no.9" to bring instant success.

The reality is that change and transformation takes time and loads of patience and perserverence from the initiator ( yours truly and his team) and my lust to do more is so insatiable that my patience with myself and the whole organization sometimes just fizzles out.

I'm not giving up yet. I'm going to push real hard to make sure that all the initiatives get off the ground.

I've been reading a lot of the good stuff in magazines like fast company and it rekindles a certain passion I had about doing things and going the distance.

Read in a few places that courage is not just about overcoming fear but it is about doing the important things you have to do whilst others may neither accept, belief or see in the same light that you are seeing things. They say that we can live our whole lives being cautious and safe never knowing what we can truly achieve.

I suppose for great and audacious things to happen I have to be Bold yet not Reckless and Decisive yet flexible.

que sera sera...


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