Sunday, December 26, 2004

Survival for The year

Tis the end of the year again.... Assessment of the year that was reveals nothing about the future.. Got to start with a clean slate. Reduce baggage where possible.

Met up with The Big Boss last week... Spoke about our audacious and bold Online Media project.. He's OK with it as most times. He is quite a supposrtive person even if he does not appreciate technology very much.

I respect the man for his resilience in his career and the tons of experience he has under his belt.

The Big Boss: "Just make sure you don't make us look like a fashion magazine ok"

The Big Boss: "err...I'm not comfortable with the sample graphics you use... please no bare-back women and no one in bikinis pleasee..."

Me: "Sure thing Chief. This was just a demo to illustrate the emotions and excitement we should feel etc. about our Brand. Don't worry, we are Bold and Daring but not reckless... I won't get us into unncecessary hot-soup or embarassment"

Somehow I get this funny feeling that Boss Man have been talking to some people that gave the impression that I was going to leave. He was worried. His tone of voice expressed concern or fear of suddenly losing me.. He spoke about succession planning... "who will replace you if suddenly you decide to join another multinational that pays you RM100k a month?"

Holy Smokes!!! That's a good rumor and I wish it is true... Naah... "Boss not to worry, no such ambition at this point"

I think the sudden an coincidental movement of 3 people out of my unit made him think of adverse situations.. but then each of them left for totally different reasons under totally different circumstances.

I'm still thinking about basic stuff like "where is the money going to come from for kids schooling", "the wife's medical expenses", and my own existence.

I guess coming into the new year Boss Man have a lot on his mind. He does not know what is actually brewing below the surface. People smile and say good things in front of you.. seem to back you up, but you never know...

One or more of your generals may decide to just quit on you when you have to tackle this big mission ahead.

I know how it feels. I have my own staff doing this "Surprise!!" thing on me. You put in a lot of hope on the person or persons. You try to help set the directions and also give the right level of freedom and motivation... then suddenly "WHOOSH" just like the Tsunami... 20 footer waves just come crashing down on you one after the other.

If there's one thing that makes a man(or a woman) a man whether in his family/social circle, own business or working for others is RESILIENCE! when things go very-very wrong for extended periods! Its the courage and ability to stand-up and fight for whatever you believe in and never for a moment blink and eye-lid!

No amount of experience, skills, network, passion etc. will keep you in the ring fighting when self doubt and the whole environment just plays itself out against you.

Well... start... check ..clean slate... think.... thoughts on paper.... plan... ACTION!